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Show me the money

Voici mon dernier travail remis au UBC.

Désolé pour le format, je fais tenter de corriger le tout le plus tôt possible.

Show me the money!

Modern web analytics tools can give us a overwhelming amount of data/metrics. One of the job of the web analytics expert is to get the most useful data to the right people. I decide to elaborate on what I think is the bare minimumi for a good presentation.


CEO have better thing to do that check pages after pages of report (so they said :-). They want a quick overview of the wealth of the web site.

The summary should present the most relevance metrics to him.

Metrics* Why
Net 'online sale' profit How much income came from the web site?
Total cost of ownership (TCO) for running the web site How much the operation of this web site is costing to the enterprise?
Return on investment (ROI) for each $1 invested, we generate $100 of net profit. Is the web site profitable?**

*. If the data are available, those metrics should be compare with the same period of last year.

**. ROI is not always the unique reason to keep a web site online. The web site can be part of a branding strategy, and in that case, it's not fair to evaluate a web site profitability base only on ROI.

Bottom line, the CEO want to know if the web site is profitableii. He understand dollars ($), not conversion rate.

The marketing manager

The marketing manager need to know which ad campaign is the most profitable.

Metrics (for PPC campaign) Why
Return on investment (ROI) A high ROI can indicate the success of a campaign...
Net Profit (after PPC fees) ...but the net profit will confirm it. Both are needed for a good evaluation of a campaign.
Cost-Per-Click By raising or lowering this value, a failed campaign can be turn into a winning campaign.
Top landing page Can help you identify which campaign work best if you don't have any campaign management tool. A unique landing page per campaign can be use instead. Just pay attention to the search engine collecting those URL and validate those data with the referral source.
Top exit page Is your top landing pages, your top exit pages?
Scanning visitor Another way to know if after the acquisition, people stay on the web site.
Top referral Not all campaign are done using PPC. Affiliate program can also be source of visit.
Prospect rate Did they see the products/contact form?
Conversion rate Did they buy the product/fill and submit the contact form?

These are the basic metric needed by the marketing manager. Of course, when applicable, all these metrics should be separated by campaign, to know which one is the winner.

These data should also be compare to other ad medium (tv, radio, etc) to have a complete overview of the marketing effort.

The customer service agent

A lot can be done to simplify the user experience on the web site and indirectly helping the customer service agent. By identifying the worst pet peeves for our customer we can reduce the work load on the customer service team. Also, customer service can be served in many sauce. It can be a call center, e-mail, online chat, online self-services (FAQ, Knowledge base, etc).

Metrics Why
Average cost-per-service option (call-center, e-mail, online chat, online self-services)

What is the cost associated with each method of customer service? Moving customers from the more expensive service methods to the less expensive options is desirable, so long as the questions can successfully be addressed and the experience is positive.iii

Percent of support touches served online To be able to see if change is happening in migrating from one solution to another, we must be able to track those change.
Drivers to other support methods Did the customer try to get help using the help section of our site before calling the call center?
Searches per search visit How many time did the search page have been use? If this metrics is high, this mean our search engine is not very helpful.
Exits from the search return page Did they leave without having found what they are looking for? A good indication of a problem with the search engine is when the top return page is: No match.
Exit surveys scores For each FAQ page, did they found the information useful?
Abandonment rate (page or/and field level) What is the most irritating part on our online form? Do we really need those e-mail address? What is our core business? Collecting e-mail of selling stuffs?

i Key Performance Indicators You Should Track

ii Is Your Web Analytics Strategy Driving Momentum Or Driving You Mad?

iii Web Analytics Key Metrics and KPIs, (2005), Guy Creese & Jason Burby from the Web Analytics Association

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